Oldway Mansion & Gardens.

Oldway Mansion & Gardens.

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Frame Included.

Painting Reference: JM-034-2019

77 CM X 61 CM

Oil on Board

2019, Paignton, Devon.



As with most of my paintings, this was carried out entirely on location over multiple visits from about 1pm in the afternoon. 

This helps me to work with the same lighting conditions for the duration of the painting. Working on site allows me to stay fully engaged with the subject and to be able to focus in and out of areas of importance. A dynamic process that is difficult to replicate in the studio. It also allows me to experience the location as a whole, and interact with the locals, many of whom are very passionate about this place and concerned about how precarious its existence is.

I learned that the gardens, which played a large part in my decision to paint this, now depend solely on volunteers to maintain them.  

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