About me.

 My paintings are built on a foundation of classical teachings that have their roots in 17th century practice.

I took an interest in art from a young age but it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I realised drawing and painting, in the traditional sense, was not widely taught and I soon found art college and further education was lacking in the areas I wanted to be taught in.



Fortunately enough I was able to seek out teachers and master artists for myself, find invaluable books - some long out of production and growing rare – and study old master works until I had broken through the wavering perception that inhibits the beginner and amateur (and a good few professionals as well) and wrestled free the fundamentals of drawing.



Painting flowed from this, many of the techniques of drawing as a craft form translate to painting – the ebb and flow, push and pull of pigment and the development from general to specific forms - I remain a student of these important rules, not just of drawing, but of the seldom taught rules of dynamic compositions that dictate the proportions of each of my paintings, colour harmony, light vs dark relationships, all of which are masterfully displayed in many of the works we see hanging in our national galleries.


I am a keen plein air painter and set out as often as I can into my abundant surroundings of Torbay, Devon.

The resulting, smaller studies, carried out entirely on location, often inform larger studio pieces that would not be possible without them.

My art is a celebration of local scenes that I encounter on my plein air trips and inspire me to paint them. I aim to render them faithfully by expressing their beauty as uniquely experienced by me.


This, I have to say, is the wonderful thing about painting.

It is a unique and personal celebration of those particular things of interest that can potentially be found in any scene or subject but also, often present themselves in a specific place and time, sometimes it can just be certain weather conditions that compel me to stop and paint.  

Importance is then placed, at times subconsciously and in terms of colour, brushwork and overall focus, on those elements of unique interest to me as an artist. At the same time remaining truthful to the objective rules.

To try and replicate Gods work with such primitive instruments as panel and paint is futile, a camera is no solution either.

A deeper knowledge is required of the laws of composition, colour, light vs dark harmony. 

These building blocks present themselves in crystalline fashion, in that they can equally be studied and their secrets revealed in a wide open vista just as they can in a small rock pool.

As a painter, these fundamental rules which liberate rather than stifle, can be used to recreate within four edges of canvas or board, a brief glimpse of my subject. And when it succeeds it is a real delight to me and hopefully the viewer too. 


I have sold locally and internationally through 3rd party sights like Saatchi - although I have chosen not to use them anymore - and through word of mouth and small local exhibitions.

I was shortlisted by the Mall Gallery London for my portrait of Luke in 2014 and also won 2nd prize for another portrait of Helen at a regional competition held locally.

Currently this website is the only place you can buy my work which means I do not have to pay commissions to galleries, resulting in better value for my collectors.

If you wanted to see the paintings in the flesh, well, you would have to come to my house, and you are more than welcome, I have excellent coffee making facilities!


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon.