About me.

I am a painter living and working in Devon. I mainly work in oils and specialise in local scenes and portraiture. I also take commissions for portraits of people and pets.

For my studio pieces, I use a traditional approach of under-painting techniques before the final colour layering. A method widely used by Boroque painters such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Velasquez.


I am a keen plein air painter and set out to paint. as often as I can in my abundant surroundings of Torbay, Devon

My art is often about these local scenes which I aim to render figuratively, whilst also trying to express my own personal response to them.

What compels me to pick certain scenes is not easy to define. It can be triggered in any scene or subject at a specific place and time, like in certain weather conditions that compel me to paint where I might previously have ignored.

I try to place importance on that fleeting moment and ignore unnecessary detail. This method of working on location is crucial as a foundation for my larger pieces. Photography is woefully inadequate for this.