'Vision of the Beast' - Original Relief Print.

'Vision of the Beast' - Original Relief Print.

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  • A4 original hand-pressed Linocut on 100% recycled cotton rag.


  • The image is loosely based on biblical prophesy - the visions of John in Revelations.


  • It is made by carving a relief onto a Linoleum board, applying ink to the relief portion using a roller, preparing the paper and hand pressing each print using a traditional Japanese Baren. The print run for this peice is 18.

  • Each print will contain slight variations from one another, as is the nature of hand printing.


  • 18 available.

The Artwork comes mounted on card and presented in a frame mount to give an appealing floating effect that reveals the edges of the paper.

The print is signed either on the front or the back.




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