Studio Work.

Original oil paintings completed in the studio:

These works are generally larger then my plein air work and are completed using a layered or glazing approach beneath the coloured surface.

My paintings, carried out on location, remain the source of inspiration for these larger works.

By working in the studio I am free to spend more time planning the composition and colour harmonies before preparing to work on the final piece. 

A piece of board is then cut to size and prepared with multiple, thin layers of a glue chalk gesso. This technique is borrowed from the Boroque era where this was common place. The result is a highly durable and archival base as well as a favourable working surface that is much smoother than canvas.

An optical grissaile, or underpainting, is worked up in multiple layers before applying the final colour layers to finish. 


All artwork is sold unframed unless specified.


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