Studio Work.

Original oil paintings completed in the studio. These works are generally larger, and are completed using a combination of 16th century and contemporary techniques. 

These are often a development of a Plein Air piece which remains the source of inspiration throughout.

I spend time planning the composition and colour harmonies before embarking on the fnial peice. 

A peice of board is then cut to size and meticulously prepared using archival techniques borrowed from Boroque painters such as Rubens. These methods combine a favourable working surface - one that I prefer considerably over that of canvas - with a proven archival quality. (Rubens paintings, made over 400 years ago, posses the freshness of a newly painted work) 

An optical grissaile, or underpainting, is worked up in multiple layers before applying the final colour layers to finish. 


All artwork is sold unframed unless specified.

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