En Plein Air.

A collection of original oil paintings for sale. These are all plein air pieces (paintings that have been carried out entirely on location by the artist) so they have a very different feel to that of a studio piece.

A sense of the location is portrayed in bold and deliberate paint strokes with a strong focus on colour and composition.


Plein air paintings were first started by artists like Constable and Turner and later by the French Impressionists Monet, Pissaro, Manet and Poussin and American painters among the most notable, J.S.Sargent. The French movement in impressionism is, of course, why the activity is described in French and literally means 'in the open air'.

Collectors often favour this type of painting for its freshness and vitality. Detail is not required, nor is there time for it. A true plein air piece is carried out in 2-3 hours, before the light changes, and it's time to pack up, or come back the next day.

Instead, a sense of the place is indicated, alluded to, in a much more vital and expressive way - assuming the fundamentals of painting and drawing, colour and composition, handling of materials, and the myriad other challenges of painting,have already been learned, not to mention the challenges of actually being on location.

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