Marys Bay

en plein air

Marys Bay

Mary's Bay is a slightly rugged and sheltered cove along the Brixham Coast in Devon. I had visited here several times before and never settled on a satisfactory painting spot.

This time, after my usual sweaty and frustrating march to one potential spot and then retracing back, ad nauseam, I noticed a track leading off to the cliffs edge.

I wanted to get a better view back across to Marys bay, so a better vantage point was needed.


I tentatively traced the indentations in the long grass that could just as easily have been made by a nimble and agile deer, unencumbered by easel and backpack, with the natural capabilities of avoiding a clumsy and hefty misstep. The soft lush grass waved gently over the hidden terminus of flat terrain, concealing a stomach churning drop from a good height above sea level.

Gladly, as I approached the edge, a deep impression revealed easily negotiable, grass padded rocks leading to a plateau that jutted out into the sea and gave an ample viewpoint of the bay.

The late summer, early morning was crisp and slightly autumnal, the ripples in the water reflected welcoming shapes of cobalt blue and yellow ocher's of the rocky formations across the water. I was accompanied by a crow who must have spotted me greedily munching breakfast victuals in preparation of the paint. I tossed him some crumbs and we talked about the weather and what a good spot it was before I dashed some paint on an egg emulsion primed, heavy watercolour paper.

The painting practically fell off the brush in less than 2 hours, as is rarely the case and the original is now in private collection.  


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