Dartside Quay.

 I regularly visit Dartside Quay, a small harbour along the river Dart, tucked away at the head of Galmpton Creek with views accross to Dittisham and walks to Greenway. Just south from here is the historic fishing village of Brixham.

 A fishing boat perches restlessly between the dilapidated stone wall and its mud mooring. 

The proud vessel seems isolated and out of place. It sits like an eager dog anticipating the return of his owner and another adventure at sea. Waiting quietly, patiently, watching the activity of the Chandlery that provides a host of services to owners of weekend vessels that swan aimlessly up the River Dart to see the many secluded anchorages and unspoiled West Coast.

More adventurous patrons head further afield to the Channel Islands and the North Brittany coast.  

I can't help but feel saddened by the state of the fishing communities up and down the British coastline that have seen a rapid decline in their industry.

I wonder if we will ever return to the days of more sustainable lifestyles, where the generational tutelage in fishing gear and management of sore hands was more common, instead of the burden of property ladders and acquisition of the latest electronics.


My smaller plein air studies help to form the basis of a painting like this. Experiencing and painting the scene is crucial for me and is invaluable to any success in the studio.


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