'Brixham Harbour' Oil on Board.

Brixham Harbour is a world famous fishing town with a 5:1 replica of the Golden Hind and a statue of William the 3rd, or better known as William of Orange, who sailed ashore in the late 17th century and liberated the country from the Catholic heretic James the 2nd. Securing the protestant faith for the remainder of his reign.


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Today was a busy Saturday, balmy august with teams of people exiting the small ferry port from Torquay onto the Brixham Harbour wall that shelters the fishing port. Nets and ropes are piled high along the walk way and all sorts of vessels perch in the shallow water at low tide.

A secondary harbour wall supporting a stout little fishing boat high at one end, breaks the view through to the town that stares back like an open air auditorium, through the summer haze.

I pick my way through the arriving tourists, it was like trying to walk the wrong way up a tube station tunnel. I soon decided it would be best to return one morning and paint here. For now I would head back up to the gardens at the top of the hill where I had previously caught a glimpse of some larger fishing boats on the outer walls of the Harbour, down below.

Pleasing ripples of blue violet and cadmium red were calling out to be painted. Berry head stretches much further out from here and the outer harbour is filled with white fiberglass vessels that I preferred to leave out. Decisions like this have to be made on the fly when painting en plein air. 




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